The partnership Montessori Academy has with Budding Artists has helped us to raise thousands of dollars to support our school’s mission through their fundraising program, Artrageous. Every other year our school puts on ArtExpo which highlights our student’s art work over the year and to celebrate the kick off of this bi-annual event, we participate in the Budding Artist Artrageous program.  Our goal in the Visual Arts Program at Montessori Academy is to provide a variety of art experiences for our students, and to nurture an appreciation for expression and creation through visual art. Budding Artist helps us to take that one step further by preserving the creations from our students on their line of high quality products. Not only does it allow our parents a unique and affordable way to enjoy their children’s art day to day, the items you can choose also make wonderful gifts. I highly recommend this program to other organizations!

Tina Sartori, Admissions & Development Coordinator

Budding Artists is always part of our annual fundraising plan at Parkwood Children’s Daycare Centre. Often families are inundated with fundraisers but our families ask us each year when the Budding Artists’ fundraiser will begin. The long lasting products used by Budding Artists to display children’s artwork are of high quality, allowing for accurate images. This is the main reason why our families want to participate in Budding Artists year after year. Thank you for providing a fabulous opportunity to preserve the expressions of our children.

Barbara Jackson, Parkwood Children’s Daycare Centre

In it’s 9th year, the Christmas card project at our school was looking for a new fundraising partner that offered a variety of products and perhaps the possibility of fundraising anytime during the school year.  Budding Artist brought to us new possibilities and a friendly collaboration. Maria was always pleasant and a great help as we adapted to this new business model. Running the fund-raiser was easy. Parents loved the selection of new products and our fundraising efforts brought in more revenues than previous years! Thank you Budding Artist for your support. It will be a pleasure to continue working with you in future years.

À sa neuvième année d’existence, la collecte de fonds “Projet Carte de Noël” de notre école cherchait un nouveau partenaire qui pouvait offrir une variété de produits tout en permettant des collectes de fonds à tout moment de l’année scolaire.  Budding Artist nous a apporté de nouvelles possibilités et une collaboration amicale.  Nous avons apprécié l’aide de Budding Artist durant cette année de changement et d’adaptation de notre modèle d’affaires; l’exécution de la collecte de fonds fut très facile grace à leur soutien.  Les parents ont beaucoup aimé la sélection de nouveaux produits et nos efforts nous ont permis de surpasser notre objectif.  Merci Budding Artist pour votre soutien. Ce sera un plaisir de continuer à travailler avec vous dans les années à venir. 
Lyne Proulx and Isabelle Massarelli
Gestionnaires bénévoles du projet Brico de Noël 2015

École élémentaire catholique d’enseignement personnalisé Édouard-Bond

Thank you most kindly for the super job!  Everything looks absolutely wonderful — I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.  Each item looks superb, and I can’t wait until Christmas to give them as gifts! I hope you enjoy the holidays, and again, many thanks for such a great job!!
Dr. Mary Lou B. Vernon
Director, University Laboratory School

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the items we had made through Budding Artists’ Artrageous Program. The reproduction quality of the art, and the quality of the pieces, is excellent.
Claudia Weigelsberger, Elbow Valley Elementary Parent

Budding Artists has had such a positive, and lasting influence on our two boys. My children’s creativity and imagination has been cultivated and celebrated, and my husband and I have delighted in the effort and pride the boys show in their artwork. We now have treasured pieces–memories of their childhood– that capture who they were and what they imagined in their ‘wonder years’.
D. Ruddick, London, ON

My kids are addicted to Budding Artists ever since, I had their art placed on tiles, my son who is a reluctant artist is now making art. I love it!
Janis, Ottawa

As a school, we participated in a fundraiser with Budding Artists which was run by Maria Calleja. Students loved creating their own art and seeing it on various items such as t-shirts, magnets and mugs. Parents were happy to purchase these items so that they could keep their “budding artist’s” work forever. We raised quite a bit of money for our school, which will be used to add more Smartboards to classrooms. This is a great way to raise some money, value students’ talents, and to involve all families within a school. I highly recommend it!
Mme Shewfelt, Principal
Lord Roberts French Immersion P. S.

We have used Budding Artists in our Daycare for three years now and we love the quality and selection offered.
Pemberton Child Care Centre

Maria is an amazing presence in the community. Her Budding Artists program is a wonderful boost to children’s creativity and arts education. Maria has a fantastic way with kids – she is fun, encouraging and inspiring. She is awesome!
C. Montgomery. London, ON

Maria, YOU are amazing! I am so grateful for your passion and your gift, and the way you share it with the world by capturing what is priceless and preserving it. Thank you, thank you~~
Mary Bee, London, ON

Our elementary school of over 400 students, used Budding Artists as a fundraiser to help pay for a new playground. Parents, teachers and students were all very pleased with the high quality of the items that we ordered. The artwork was displayed beautifully and not one image was comprised in any way. As the fundraiser organizer, I cannot emphasize enough how organized, helpful and understanding the Budding Artist Company was with answering any questions and concerns we may have had. I would highly recommend Budding Artists to any school and we are looking forward to working with them again this fall.
S, Mercier Duclos School, Bonnyville , AB

Budding Artists takes pride in the development of various artwork keepsakes that document each individual child. We raised valuable funds for our school while promoting the children’s individuality & self-expression through their artwork at the same time.

I was thrilled with the quality of the products and the organized manner in which they were shipped. Maria was always on call to answer any questions and was always willing to please, and made it all so easy!

I look forward to working with Budding Artists again soon and I would highly recommend this FUNdraiser to any organization!

Debbie Gurman
J.P.P.S Elementary School (Montreal,Quebec)