What do I need to do to book a fundraiser?

Determine which fundraiser you would like to do. (click to view fundraiser info)

Choose a delivery date. Artrageous Program , Artshare Program

Book your fundraiser. Follow this link.

Once you have booked your fundraiser, we will send you a confirmation letter. Review the details.  Everything you need to run a successful fundraiser will be sent to you. This includes order envelopes, spreadsheets, social media memes and videos.

How much profit can my organization expect to make?

Our average participation rate is 30% with an average of $12 profit. For a school of 300, you can expect to raise over $1000.

Are there any incentives for teachers?

Teachers will have access to our Teacher Lounge. In this lounge, there are lesson plans and ideas for inspiration.

How much deposit is required?

There is no deposit required. However,  if your fundraiser has less than 30% participation rate, we will deduct 75 cents for every non-participant. Our average participation rate is 35% and profit is approximately $12 for every participating student.

Do you offer any incentives?

In Artrageous, we offer a free patch for individual orders over $75.

In Artshare, we offer a free patch for individual orders over $95.

When will the products come?

Once the order deadline has passed, you will receive products between 2-3 weeks after.

How much is shipping and handling?

In the Artrageous program, shipping and handling is $2.50 for every envelope order.  

In the Artshare program, shipping & handling is $1.25-1.50/per item added at checkout. If your delivery is in Ontario or Quebec, you will pay $1.25/item. Everywhere else in Canada is $1.50/item.

Do you supply paper? Can we use our own?

In Artrageous and Artshare art canvasses are 20 cents each. You are welcome to  download a copy and photocopy it. Make sure when it is printed, that the canvas is completely empty.

Can we order more products when the fundraising campaign is over?

Yes, you can. Quote us the art number and choose your products. This will be considered an online re-order and is Yes, you can. Each program, will have a small window of opportunity to re-order Participants will save on shipping and the school will receive 25% of profit. After this time, parents can still order but we will charge the current Canada Post rate.

Why are the online prices different from the fundraising prices?

Online prices reflect the product prices in Artshare. In Artrageous, the organization determines the selling price and profit margin. In all of our fundraising programs, taxes are included in the price.

All set to go?

Use this form to book a Fundraising Event. Once you have booked we will send you a confirmation letter within 48 hours.