Request to Edit or Change Artwork Image


How this works….

If you want to alter the existing artwork, select the type of alterations you would like done. Note, we are not miracle workers. We can only do basic edits such as crop away extra whitespace, center the image better, enhance the colour contrast (to a small degree), remove unwanted marks or lines OUTSIDE the image, or straighten an image.

If you would like to replace the image completely, make sure you have the new image ready (scanned is best) and saved as a .jpg or .png file. MAKE SURE you upload the image in the “Replacement Image” upload below.

There is a $5 fee to make the change – either edits or replacement.

Expect a 24-48 hr turn around. Please do not wait to the last day of ordering to request a change!

If you do not have an art code, enter 2022-XXX-XX-0000

Please describe what you want done as briefly, and clearly as possible.
i.e. crop the extra whitespace, crop the text off (text will often be too small to read on most products), make the image brighter, or enhance faint lines, etc.

Square artwork is required. If you have a Budding Artists canvas, please scan the entire page – we will crop off the top information.

(max file size 128 MB)

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