Hi Everyone!

I’m Jennifer Gilbert, owner of Jennifer Gilbert Photography in Tottenham, ON.  I first met Maria of Budding Artists at a business retreat a few years ago, and I instantly fell in love with her products. What a fabulous way to preserve your children’s beautiful artwork for years to come.

In order for Budding Artists to work their magic, we want to be able to provide her with the best image file that we can. To help you out, I’ve put together some tips to prepare the artwork.

  1. Find the best lighting. An easy way to do this is to bring your coffee table or kitchen table over to a large window.  Natural lighting works best, but do not place the artwork in direct sunlight. If you can’t bring a table over to a window, clear a spot on the floor that looks evenly lit.
  1. Get above the artwork. When you are looking through the camera viewfinder or screen, you want to make sure that the artwork is not on an angle. Do your best to center the page so that all four sides are even. If you own a tripod, use it to help you position the camera properly.
  1. Do not leave too much space around the artwork. Your image will end up being cropped in order to fit the item you are purchasing. Leave a little bit of space, or background, behind the artwork to give some room for cropping by Budding Artists.
  1. Choose the right camera mode. If your camera has a landscape mode, use it. The landscape mode will make everything it the camera sees as sharp as possible.   If the camera is having trouble focusing in this mode, your camera may be too close. Move further back or switch to portrait mode.
  1. Make sure the flash is turned off. Flash is icky. It will over brighten your images.
  1. Take a deep breath and press the shutter!


After you’ve transferred the image from your camera to your computer, upload it to the Budding Artist Studio’s website and create your item!