Chicken Big


Chicken Big is one of my most favourite books. Its funny and entertaining about a very big chicken and how size has its advantages.

Here are two project ideas:

Project One:


  • 12×18 paper
  • tempera paint

Practice drawing chickens. We discuss proportions and and after that its up to the student to choose their favourite part of the story and recreate it as a painting.

Chicken Big inspired painting 9936_10151897190449832_1583688684_n








Project Two:


  • Oil pastels
  • 8×11 paper

Guided drawing lesson of a chicken. Here is a quick stylized chicken video. Cover the entire page with colour.

Chicken 1 Budding Artists Chicken 2 Budding Artists


Happy Earth Day.

Earth Day is here! In honor of Earth Day, we’ve gathered up fun art and recycling projects perfect for kids of all ages!

10 earth Day Projects

1. Earth Day Book Lark { Free Printable }

2. Ladybug Rocks for Your Garden

earth day 1 & 2


3. DIY Scratch paper from Recycled Books

4. Found Things Collage

5. Dried Apple Head Carving

Earth Day 3 - 4 - 5

6. Repurposed Pringle Cans

7. Planet Earth Painting

8. DIY Garden Markers

Earth Day 6 - 7 - 8

9. Coffee Filter Earth

10. Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Page

Earth Day 9 - 10



Spring has Sprung

It seems as though spring has taken a bit longer to arrive than normal. Here in Ontario we’ve had a mix of rainy and snowy days the last week or two, but it looks like the rain has arrived. Well April Showers are the official welcome of spring, so we have some spring projects for you today.

Watercolour Flower Art
Spring Watercolor Flowers 

Marshmallow Rainbows

Marshmallow Rainbows

Reuse paintings
Reuse paintings

rainbow sponge

Sponge Rainbows

butterfly art
Butterfly Art

Tulip Art
Tulip Art

Colourful trees
Colorful Tree Art

Rainbow Paint Bleed
Paint bleeding Rainbow Art

Raindrop Suncatchers
Raindrop Suncatchers