Can we book two fundraising programs at the same time?

Yes, you can. In fact some schools add Commemoration Tile program but choose to pay for them with the profits generated from an Artrageaous Fundraiser. We recommend that all artwork be sent to Budding Artists first. We will place them in order forms ready to be sent home. Call us and we can discuss dates.

Other schools do Artrageous and sell Artshare kits to community members.

Since Artistically Yours is a rectangular based artwork, it cannot be combined with Artrageous or Commemoration Tile. We suggest you alternate between the two.

We can also custom design a fundraiser. Contact us today.

What do I need to do to book a fundraiser?

Determine which fundraiser you would like to do.

For all of our programs, check the Planning Calendar

Book your fundraiser. Follow this link.

Once you have booked your fundraiser, we will send you a confirmation letter. Review the details and send deposit.

A fundraising package will be sent. It will include: order envelopes, fundraising manual, electronic spreadsheet, samples, posters and videos.

How much deposit is required?

For Artrageous, a minimum $50 deposit + $0.35 for every order envelope required. The full deposit is returned when there is at least a 30% participation rate. This number is based on the number of order envelopes requested and how many envelopes were returned with order. Less than 25%, you will receive $50. Our average participation rate is 34%.

For Artshare, $3 is required for every kit you would like. Any unused kits returned will receive a refund.

For Commemoration, no deposit required.

Artistically Yours, we require a $75 deposit. This amount is refundable when your order is $1000 or more.

For Artrageous and Artistically Yours Programs, an Agreement must be signed by the leader of your organization. This ensures that the art facilitators are clear on their responsibilitie and deposit guidelines.

For Artshare, there’s no need for a contract, just let us know how many kits you need.

Do you offer any incentives?

In Artrageous, we offer a free premium square button for individual orders over $80

In Artshare, the first 50 kits sold will receive 25% of the profit on sales, and for every 25 kits sold thereafter you receive 5% more. So if you sell 100 kits, you will receive 35%.

How much is shipping and handling? When will the products come?

Budding Artists strives to deliver your products 3 to 4 weeks after the end of your sales campaign. Check here for our Planning Calendar.

In the Artrageous program, shipping cost can be charged directly to your clients or be hidden within the cost of the product. It is up to you. For example, you charge $20 for a mug. The price includes taxes and shipping. Or you charge $20 (includes taxes) plus $1 for shipping for maximum of $5/order. The parent pays $21.

In the Artistically Yours program, there is free shipping with orders over $2000. Otherwise, shipping will be 3% of your order before applicable taxes.

Do you supply paper? Can we use our own?

In Artrageous and Artistically Yours, we supply enough paper canvases for one project for each participating student. You are also welcome to use your own or make copies of our paper canvases. We recommend that you have more than one project. In Artshare, every kit includes 2 pieces of art paper.

Can we order more products when the fundraising campaign is over?

Yes, you can. Quote us the art number and choose your products. This will be considered an online re-order and is subject to taxes and shipping and handling. Price may differ from fundraising price. Your organization does not profit from this sale.

Why are the online prices different from the fundraising prices?

Online prices reflect the product prices in Artshare. In Artrageous, the organization determines the selling price and profit margin. In all of our fundraising programs, taxes are included in the price.

All set to go?

Use this form to book a Fundraising Event. Once you have booked we will send you a confirmation letter within 24 hours.